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Registration Sustainable Foods

2nd International Workshop
Sustainable Food Supply, Processing & Products
Measuring Sustainability
Convincing New Consume

Sheraton Brussels Hotel, Brussels, Belgium
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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In this 2nd International Workshop, Health Claims Europe presents a new and exciting program Sustainable Food Supply, Processing & Products with special focus on Measuring Sustainability and Convincing New Consumers.

Leading Industry and Business Speakers:

Sustainability may be covered by a wide array of definitions. This workshop wants to clarify in which directions Sustainable Food Supply, Processing & Products is developing. Target: people from Senior Management, Marketing and New Business Development as well as Sustainability, CSR and R&D specialists from Food and Drinks Industry.

Content: How can using “Sustainability” result in better sales and better products? What is sustainable food and how does the consumer understand this? What are the possible technologies to come to a sustainable food production? How to optimize the supply chain? What changes are needed in process technology to further reduce water and carbon footprint? How can the Food & Drinks industry develop strategies for building Sustainable Food Supply, Processing and Products? How to calculate the level of sustainability, including social aspects? How to communicate about this to consumers? How to convince new consumers about the value of buying sustainable foods and products?

All you always wanted to know about sustainability brought in a down to earth workshop with reviews from leading policy and research institutes, views from industry and retail.